TS Boggess Jr.

Mr. Thomas Shelton ("TS") Boggess Jr. was a long time resident of Mississippi and lived on Noxubee County farm land that has been in the family since 1842. For more info on TS, see his biography.

He graduated to heaven on January 29, 2010. Learn more about him in the text we submitted to the local newspaper, the Macon Beacon for the February

OBITUARY & Related Papers

In September 2007, T. S. traveled on his own from his Mississippi farm to Griffin, Georgia to attend a retirees honor banquet for staff members of the University of George from where he retired in 1975. His boundless energy kept him going up to his death at age 97!


TS had a 90th birthday in 2002 and we had a big celebration. There was a five piece dance band and about 300 guests.

Blue Cross - Ageless WonderSince then, he has been honored as an Ageless Wonder of Mississippi by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. You can see the actual video on Google Video.

TS's son-in-law, D. A. Sharpe, has done a lot of family genealogy work that can be found on his web page at www.dasharpe.com.  There is also a Boggess Family Association <www.BoggessFamilyAssociation.com> that has a lot of Boggess family information.

Close up to his death, T. S. still was having done some agricultural work including growing muscadine grapes for that are used for the Bois d' Arc wine label.

Here are some historical pictures of Macon, Mississippi, where TS Boggess Jr. grew up.

Family Contacts (his two children):

Suzanne Margaret Boggess Sharpe (Mrs. D. A.)
805 Derting Road East
Aurora, TX 76078-3712



Dr. Thomas Shelton (Doc) Boggess, III (wife, Lindley)
951 Blue Sage Way
Camp Verdi, AZ 86322-5942